Monday, September 26, 2011

Mujahideen Pictures and Wallpapers

This is some pictures and Wallpapers of on pictures to view full size.

The Flag of Taliban

 Hakeemullah Mehsood

 Mujahideen take Position at Ghazni Mountains

 Imam ul Mujahideen Shaheed ul Islam Sheikh Usama Bin Laden Rahimahullah
 Biker Group of Taliban
 Shaheed Zarqawi

 Sheikh Ustad Yasir May Allah free him
 This is the picture of Shaheed Ghulam Hazrat he killed 31 Americans Special 
Troops and 7-8 Afghan Murtad Forces and down one Chinook Helicopter at Wardak Province.
 After Down Chinook Taliban are in Partol in that Graveyard 
where Chinook Down.

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